Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yazoo - Nobody's Diary 2008 (A Copycat Remix)

"Back in the days, when Vince Clarke decided to jump the Depeche Mode ship and head for poppier pastures, I was convinced my infatuation with the band was over. But a couple of singles later on, Martin Gore penned "See you", and I let out a sigh as long as a monster truck tire losing its air. What's more, Vince went on to form the marvellous duo Yazoo, comprising everything I loved about DM, plus a little bit of soul on top, courtesy of Alison Moyet's wonderful bluesy voice.When I was invited to join this project, I knew exactly what to remix: “Nobody's diary”, the prelude to Yazoo's second album "You and me both". When it was released originally, the 12" was just another boring extended job with no added value whatsoever. I always missed a proper remix of the song – a dance remix, to be precise. Well, here’s my shot at it.I kinda had a vision of Yazoo hooking up with the Pet Shop Boys and the Latin Rascals at an Electro House party hosted by the Swedish House Mafia. The result? Not even close. But hopefully quite fun anyway

Billy Joel vs Kelley Polar - (NOT) My Life (Apollo Zero Reconstruct)

You may be right, this could be crazy.. I have classic Billy Joel mixing it up with dj/artist/remixer Morgan Geist's fat Kelley Polar Quartet remix... I don't care anymore, this is (NOT) my life! (Not) your mama's Billy Joel indeed!