Friday, May 30, 2008

DJ Earworm : What's My Name

What's My Name cover art

Instead of posting one of my own creations on this blog, I've decided to pay a little respect to another producer whose work I've enjoyed as as a listener, and whose work has influenced me as a producer.

I've been collecting other producer's mashups for a few years now, long before I started producing my own mashups. DJ Earworm is one producer that has left a lasting impression on me from day one with his unique style, lyrical interplay, and excellent quality productions.

Although I'm still trying to figure out my own mashup style, his work has definitely influenced my own mashup productions. When putting a mashup together with two or more songs with lyrics, I try to create some lyrical interplay that creates a different meaning than the original sources, or plays on the concept of the merged titles and songs. After you listen to his work and then give my work a listen, you might hear some of the lyrical interplay influences of DJ Earworm in my productions.

I've selected to showcase What's My Name by DJ Earworm because it's a prime example of how he's able to take several sources (22 songs to be exact) and masterfully put them together in a playful seamless banter that begs to answer the question... what's my name.

Visit DJ Earworm's site to enjoy this masterful piece.

-- Written by Qubic

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