Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mashups Of The Week and tapeaweek at Attuworld

We started a new weekly feature at the Attuworldits a a special playlist / podcast / mixtape / compilation / radioshow, call it as you want. We call it tapeaweek. tapeaweek001 - Koala Beach01 LeeDM101: Eternal Graces 02 AGGRO1: Oasis VS Detritus 03 World Famous Audio Hacker: Doin' Time (Hacker's 4PM Dub) 04 Radiohead: Creep '08 (A Copycat Remix) 05 Apollo Zero: You Shook Me All Night Long 06 Eve Massacre: Love sun or hate sun it shines on The Fain 07 Poj Masta: On Fire 08 djBC: Blue Biggie 09 ComaR: Wonderlie 10 Kim Wilde: Camboia (team9's Tape Deck edit)for more info click and to listen before you download
Please note, although no boardcode and smiley buttons are shown, they are still useable

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